Monday, 30 October 2017

Review of Beauty Bakerie

Review of Beauty Bakerie

When you sell cosmetics in a busy market you need to distinguish your business from others. The company, “Beauty Bakerie” is one that makes you stand up and take notice. They make cosmetics sweet and beautiful, to allow women to have some fun with their morning routines.

Beauty Bakerie is female-owned and operated in San Diego, California. They were founded in 2011, and have turned basic cosmetics into artful creations that are reminiscent of enjoying sweet baked goods. They also want to show young girls that it’s all right to be sweet, in a world of cosmetics that have a “bad girl image”. 

Just some of their Bakerie line includes products for eyes, face, lips, and nails. Products are sold in fun but simple containers, so they fit nicely into purse or cosmetics bag. Colours include your basic neutrals, with some fun colours, like black or purple, tossed into the mix. They also cover every type of skin and ethnicity, and sell to over 100 countries in the world today.

The Beauty Bakerie line has been best-selling in the USA with their liquid lipsticks, setting powder, eyebrow gel, illuminators, and eye products. They actually have a physical location at Westfield’s Mission Valley Mall in San Diego too. 

The company supports charities, and believes in enforcing positive messaging on all social media outlets.

Beauty Bakerie’s motto is to “sweeten the lives of others”. Visit Beauty Bakerie online today to see beautiful makeup that almost looks good enough to eat!

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