Tuesday, 5 March 2019

#1 Solution for Writer's Block – Attend a Writing Festival!

by Mel Dawn

Are you a writer or author who is stuck? Often all it takes is a bit of time and encouragement to help you complete the next novel or book. But if you're not ready for that, a flash fiction story or short poem can help you feel that you've accomplished something, even though it's already March! 

I already have a few books out, but I can still use some good advice for my personal writing projects. Perhaps one of the best ways to seek inspiration for your next big project is from others. But not just your potential readers – though they're awesome – but from other writers too. Let me tell you about Creative Ink Festival. You may have attended writing conferences and conventions before, but this one is different.

It's called a festival because it's more of a community celebration of your writing abilities, no matter if you're a beginner, experienced, or a bestselling author. On this long weekend, everyone gathers together to learn, socialize, and celebrate. 

I've been attending since the beginning. Creative Ink Festival offers such a warm, inviting, and even healing sort of environment. You'll feel happy and welcome for the entire weekend. It's tough to go home at the end, but you can take home your memories, experiences, and newfound knowledge which will encourage you to work on your next big masterpiece, or even that little poem that's been earworming through your mind the past year.

I participate in CIF a slightly different way. Each year I think about a new project I'd like to work on. Usually it begins right after the last CIF, then continues on throughout the rest of the year. Early the following year I begin proofreading and editing, then I move onto formatting and graphic design. Finally, there is one more proof from a friend who's an editor/proofreader, more revisions, then onto the printing press it goes. 

Right before the next CIF, my book is ready to go. I participate in panels and the co-authors' table. There is also plenty of time for bragging rights, as everyone is excited to hear what you're working on next. So, I use CIF as inspiration for my next project and this is how it helps me to accomplish my goals. 

One year I wrote The Aquaria Chronicles (working at getting that back up), last year I finished Just One More Purr eBook, Just One More Purr in print, and this year I have completed Zombie Survival Club (to be up soon). Anyway, I didn't want this blog about me, but more about Creative Ink Festival, and to show you how it's possible to accomplish your writing goals by attending on the March 29th - March 31st, 2019 weekend this year. (See, I did it and you can too!)

If you haven't already registered, you can do so HERE. I hope to see you soon!

Monday, 25 February 2019

Flash Fiction: The Key to Time

The Key to Time
by Mel Dawn

Jane was going through the junk in the attic of the new house they had just bought. The former owners had never tossed anything out. Annoyed, she grabbed stuff and tossed it into a garbage bag. 

She grabbed another book off the shelf. Something dropped to the floor by her feet. It was a set of ancient brass keys. 

She briefly wondered what they could be for, but remembered there was an old desk here.

Now, she could see what was inside. The third key worked.

The drawer opened. Inside were several photographs, letters, and a small jewel box. When she touched a girl’s ring, the ghost of a little girl popped out of the box. 

Jane smiled at the image. 

“Hey, Jane, are you done up here yet?”

“Just a minute.”

“Do you have the garbage?”

“No, I want to have a better look.”

“I thought you said it was junk.”

“I think we can donate some to the Museum. These things belonged to a family and were very important to them. I’d feel bad just tossing it all out.”

“Works for me,” said her husband.

Flash Fiction: Theftproof

by Mel Dawn

Mark entered the cafe and tossed his backpack onto the floor.

“Hi, I’m Mark.”

“It’s ready.” She handed him a large brown bag and several drinks.

He carried his order to the table. “What the?” he exclaimed. “Someone has taken my bag!”


“That was an easy steal,” Tony thought.

Not bad. A tablet, a flip phone, and a box. He opened it.

Mist swirled out of it, along with the figure of a woman. “Return me or I shall haunt you forever,” she screamed at him.

It wasn’t just the image. Tony felt coldness and despair pierce his heart. He quickly closed the box and tossed it back.

“Now!” the voice yelled.

He raced back to the coffee shop.


Mark was in despair. They had searched all over. Then a man rushed in. 

“Sorry, I grabbed it by mistake!” He dropped the backpack onto the floor then quickly left.

“Mom!” said Tony, in relief. He pulled the box from the backpack. “Now we can resume your celebration of life.”

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Getting Just One More Purr Packages Ready for Shipping


A cat care book for cats and the humans who love them. This handbook treats the natural stages of life with lightheartedness and humour at a time when you may be stressed out or unhappy with your chronically or terminally ill cat. Learn coping strategies to help you look after your kitty, including how to spend quality time together, so you and your beloved cat can live a happy and furfilling life.

Provides support for cat owners with sick cats, cats with illness, cats with chronic illness, and cats with terminal illness. Mental health support for cat owners. Palliative care tips and cat health tips for cats. 

Just One More Purr: Chronic and Terminal Illness Support for Cats and the Humans Who Love Them is for everyone who loves their cats and wants to assist them through difficult times. 

This e-book edition contains additional content.

"After reading this book I feel like a whole mew person." ~Meowster Hide

Quick Tips & Cat Care Guide

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Cat Bookmark Prize Draw

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